The progress of insurance and roadtax renewal

Kindly contact 017-3355956 and look for insurance department for the renewal enquiry.

If walk-in customer, please email your last year policy and vehicle’s registration card (geran, if have) to

We will reply your email together with the quotation and also the mode of payment. We also provide road tax renewal service. Process day is 1-2 days.
Honda Insurance Package(HIP)
Exclusive privileges for Honda owners

We are very committed to ensure that you will enjoy the privilege of our Honda Insurance Package (HIP) during your insurance renewal.
Kindly renew your insurance at Tiong Nam Motor to enjoy these benefits.

HIP Mobile App.
No Excess up to 10 years / No Loading up to 10 years.
No Betterment Charge up to 10 years.
Speedy Approval for repairs under RM10,000.00.
Free Towing and Roadside Repair Service.
Guaranteed Honda Genuine Parts.
Car Rental Assistance.
Emergency Message Transmission.
Arrangement for Hotel Accommodation.
Medical Assistance Referral Program.
Road Tax Renewal Service.
Honda Authorised Towing Assistance Sticker

Tow truck with Honda Authorised Towing Assistance sticker will deliver your vehicle to Honda Authorised Service Centres only. Sticker can be found at front panel of tow truck.

*Only allow authorised tow truck for towing. This is to protect your Honda 5 Years Warranty with Unlimited Mileage.

24-Hour HIP Call Centre:
1-800-18-1177 / 03-7628 3927
Our insurance panel:
HIP Mobile App
Exclusively designed for HIP (Honda Insurance Package) customers

Breakdowns are never welcome, but HIP mobile application will make requesting and receiving Roadside Assistance as simple as 1, 2, 3. In the event of a breakdown, simply open the app and press a button request help. Within a few seconds an Assistance Coordinator will contact you, already knowing who you are, where you are and what vehicle you are driving.In addition, this app also includes a number of other features that you will find useful in every day life.

Download Now:


HIP App Key Features

1. Roadside Assistance:

User can select this option in an emergency situation by selecting their vehicle, problem type, specifying location and submitting the details.

2. Find My Car:

Allow to mark car location on the map and provide a path from user current location to mark the location of their car park.

3. Dealer Search:

List of Honda Authorized Dealer’s and HIP Panel’s location map, contact and address.

4. Around Me:

Navigate through nearby places around like hospital, shopping mall, restaurant, petrol station etc.

5. Help Numbers:

List of important Phone Numbers. Eg: Roadside Assistance Toll Free Number and other emergency/important numbers. (Click to call)

6. Settings:

Allow to edit profile, update new details, change language usage and also guideline usage of this application.

7. Honda MY:

Shortcuts icon connects to the official homepage of Honda Malaysia website.

8. Feedback:

Allow to send email to Roadside Assistance inbox for any feedback or comment about RSA app or services.

9. Honda Tips:

Sharing information on how to maintain vehicle by various tips provided.

Please contact 017-3355 956

or email to

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